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About me

I'm Jake, a Portland, Oregon based creative.

I enjoy working with brands to bring ideas to life as well as working with people to capture lasting memories. My passion is creative expression.

If I'm not deep in the creative process, I'm most likely spending time with my family or running, hiking, playing guitar incredibly bad or in a competition with friends on who can eat the most tacos at a time.



About TIRO

For most of my life, I hesitated to pursue my passions. I also took a lot of what I had for granted. In June of 2005, out of nowhere, my little sister passed away and it destroyed me. I went through a grieving process and eventually came to the conclusion that I would rather celebrate her life than mourn her death. I vowed to make her life on earth  meaningful by valuing my own life. That meant pursuing my dream and promoting the concept of how valuable time really is.


TIRO is an acronym for Time Is Running Out.



Create a culture that inspires & encourages the community to live life with purpose & verve.


Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project. Let's work together!

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